Best Zombie Films

One of the Best Zombie Films of the Past 20 years is the movie called Resident Evil (2002). It’s a story about a specialized military unit fighting a powerful and uncontrollable Supercomputer, and many scientists who are turned into flesh-eating monsters after a lab accident. A T-virus is unleashed by an evil corporation called Umbrella […]

Weekend Activities In San Antonio

Whether you’re just in town for the weekend or you’ve been living in San Antonio for years, there are always new things to do around town. Not everyone wants to hit the bars filled with smoke and loud music. Here are some fun activities to do on the weekends. Take The San Antonio River Tours Everyone has heard […]

Zombie Game In San Antonio

Zombies eat flesh. Zombies are flat out scary. Anyone who watched a zombie film is aware of that. What happens when a zombie invades your living space? You find yourself trapped in a room with no apparent way out. The last thing you want is to encounter the zombie. Your team has to filter clues and riddles to decipher […]

Zombie Hunters Of Hollywood

In the List of Best Zombie Hunters Throughout Hollywood History, we find Milla Jovovich who played Alice in the movie called Resident Evil. She was born in Ukraine and has many talents that boosted her career. Apart from being an actress, supermodel, and fashion designer, she can also sing. Not only is she sexy, but […]

Things To Do In San Antonio

San Antonio is a beautiful city filled with all kinds of landmarks, heritage centers, and historical points of interest. But what if you’re looking for a weekend activity that’s a little more exciting than the usual tourist attractions? If you want a fun, out-of-the-box experience during your trip to the Lone Star State, here are […]

Making Your Great Escape – What Is An Escape Room?

A lot of people are asking, “what is an escape room?” From team building to night club alternative, escape rooms are now all the craze. We’ll let you in on all the secrets of escape rooms, and how you and your crew can enjoy one of the smartest types of entertainment that nearly any group […]

Our 3 Favorite Mystery Movies

Mystery is one of the most cherished genres in cinematography. Since the early days of cinema, the idea of intriguing the audience and making them wonder what is actually going on has always appealed to filmmakers. The same tradition continued unabated to this day, which is why there are many great mystery films to enjoy. […]

History Of Zombies

A zombie refers to a human being in a state between life and death, who has no will, human recognition, or all other spiritual or mental aspects that are present in a normal human being. The word zombie is said to originate from the Haitian word zombi’ meaning spirit of the day. The theory goes […]

Horror Video Games

One of the most celebrated genres of entertainment is horror. It explores the scariest characters, stories, and environments. A collection of lasting franchises has been created in this genre. Fans visit movie theaters in millions to watch horror movies and their sequels. Today, video games have taken the thrill up a notch by immersing you right into […]

How To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse

Just because a Zombie Apocalypse has not happened yet does not mean it won’t. It’s no longer about whether zombies are real not. It’s about how prepared you are in case of a zombie apocalypse. Will you pull through the undead onslaught? Here are some of the tips to survive the Zombie Apocalypse. Devise a […]